I: If we asked, «In what kind of world would decision be unrelated to commitment and responsibility?» we might answer, «In a world in which morality had become politicalized.» It is no secret that this has been happening to our world, and that we are perhaps incapable of what would make it stop happening. That is a personal misfortune of which we all partake. But the pain is made more exquisitely cruel when philosophers describe relations and conversations between persons as they would occur in a totally political world – a world, that is, in which relationships are no longer personal, nor even contractual – and call what goes on between such persons by the good (or bad) name of morality. That concedes our loss to have been not merely morality, but the very concept of morality as well.

(fotnote i Stanley Cavell: Must we mean what we say?)

II: Den er lukkeleg som ikkje er tema i ein sakleg rapport. Slik må det vera. Når dei kjem og observerer deg, og trekkjer seg tilbake til ein annan stad for å skriva, har du grunn til å spørja om lukka.

(Lars Amund Vaage: Syngja)